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Inspire Me

TITLE: Inspire Me: A Hot Rod Novel

AUTHOR: Jenna Dales
PUBLISHER: Red Circle Ink
YEAR: April 2014
PAGE/WORD COUNT: 154 pages
GENRE: Contemporary Erotic Romance
HEAT LEVEL: Adults Only, Erotic Content
RATING: 3 out of 5

REVIEW: This was a new author for me, and even thought the copy I reviewed was an uncorrected advance proof, I was pleasantly surprised to find very few typos or other mistakes.

The story was a nice piece of escapism, easily holding my attention over the course of a couple of evenings. I liked the male lead, Raine Reyes more than the other characters. Because of events in his life, he’s more mature than your average 26-year-old, and very clear about what he wants in life – the complete opposite of the heroine, who doesn’t seem to know what she wants in her career or who she wants in her bed. She constantly blames her reticence on their age difference – she is 41 to his 26. It was only logical, given his background, that he wasn’t willing to continue to beg for her attention when she kept pushing him into a neat little box labelled hot hook-up.

While the sex was fairly hot, in places it seemed forced, as if the characters were performing someone else’s fantasies rather than their own. This is particularly true of the menage scene near the end of the book. While it was a great scene from an erotic standpoint, it didn’t seem in character for either of the men involved, especially Fitz, a former lover and coworker.

As I said, it’s a nice piece of escapism, with some enjoyable sex, and in a certain frame of mind I don’t ask for more than that from my fiction.