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College Boys

TITLE: College Boys (Men of Holsum College, #1)

AUTHOR: Daisy Harris
PUBLISHER: Siren-Bookstrand
YEAR: April 2012
PAGE/WORD COUNT: 115 pages
GENRE: M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance
HEAT LEVEL: Adults Only, Erotic Content
RATING: 4 out of 5

REVIEW: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Daisy Harris had me at her author bio.

But really, College Boys is a sweet, sexy erotic novel. It’s one of the most believable college boy romances I’ve read. Both male leads are realistic guys; no female characters in men’s bodies, all angsty and into their emotions. We’ve all read those books where one or more male characters is simply a female character with the gender pronouns replaced (he for she, him for her, etc.).

There is humor, heat, self-doubt, and a believable stumble into love. Even the talk of forever isn’t too over the top. I remember being that age and holding on to that fervent belief that this guy would be THE guy. It was nice that one of the characters was into the gay political life on campus, but not in a fanatic, 24/7, screaming from the rooftops way that these characters so often seem to be. There are no cookie-cutter gay guys here. Just guys who happen to be gay.

The sex was refreshing – hot and sweet at the same time. I liked the way both guys were feeling their way around what they enjoyed in the bedroom (no pun intended). There were no moments where I wondered where that extra hand had come from or had to pull out of a scene to figure out whether what they were doing was anatomically possible.

These are genuinely likeable guys, which surprised me because college romances are usually over-the-top sex-fests with way more cuss words than the average human says over the course of a year. Of course, they cuss – they’re guys, aren’t they? But they only do it when it’s the realistic thing to do (i.e. whenever confronted with another testosterone-riddled youth or in the throes of sexual overload).

I recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t like college romance (for the above-listed reasons) and to anyone who enjoys a sweet, sexy love story with a great HFN (if not HEA) ending.

And to Ms. Harris, I’ve never missed an episode of The Walking Dead, either. *wink*