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Catch a Ghost

TITLE: Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water, #1)

AUTHOR: S.E. Jakes
PUBLISHER: Riptide Publishing
YEAR: September 2013
PAGE/WORD COUNT: 300 pages
GENRE: M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance
HEAT LEVEL: Adults Only, Erotic Content
RATING: 4 out of 5

REVIEW: I’ll be honest: I’m effing furious with Tom right now. Yeah, I was going to handle this the way I handle most of my reviews – discuss the author’s skills, talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the plot, yada yada. Then I realized I was practically vibrating with fury, and that said something – maybe everything – that you need to know about this book.

Prophet is a difficult character. Always will be, as far as I can see. And Tom is a complex and wonderful man. Together, they make sense in so many ways. I’ve grown attached to them over the course of 260 pages. The key thing to know before getting into this story is that it was designed from the beginning to be part of an ongoing series. I think there are four books planned at this time.

As far as the technical aspects of writing go, S. E. Jakes is an accomplished storyteller. But beyond anything else, this story is driven by the characters, and they are the reason you will come back for more. The author offers up the whole enchilada for our delectation – suspense, action, hot, hot sex, and even a few yummy guys from some of her other work who pop their heads in to remind us why we love them.

So, yeah, great writing skills here, but the truth is that you’ll either love Prophet or hate him (I’m too much like him to be able to grouse about his bad behavior). I don’t think it’s possible to straddle the fence where this guy is concerned. That’s why we read these stories, isn’t it? Yes, he engages in risky behavior and generally makes us want to smack him upside the head ala Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. Hmm, come to think of it, they might share a couple of personality flaws. Never mind. I’ve got to go start the next book, Long Time Gone. After that, I’ll have to check in with some of the other guys that circle the Extreme Escapes, Ltd. offices while I wait for book three.