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Lay Me Down

TITLE: Lay Me Down (Reveler, #2)

AUTHOR: Erin Kellison
PUBLISHER: Fire Flower Publishing, LLC
YEAR: May 2014
LENGTH: 110 pages
GENRE: M/F, sci-fi-romance
RATING: 3 out of 5

REVIEW: Well, as I speculated at the end of my review of book one, Darkness Falls, the characters in book two benefited enormously from having been given a 100 page head start in book one. Maisie and Steve don’t require nearly as much time to rev up their motors – only about 20% of the book, rather than 68%, as in book one. The plot is better constructed, too, and things make a bit more sense in the second installment of this series. Book three is planned for June of 2014, and my guess is that it will feature Harlen Fawkes, a Chimera Marshal first introduced in book one. It’s anyone’s guess who his romantic interest might be.

Lay Me Down is a bit shorter than book one, but the characters accomplished pretty much everything they’d set out to do. The only real issue is that we still don’t know just what the circumstances of Steve’s childhood were. Supposedly that will be wrapped up in book three, since presumably this is tied to the big reveal about the main villain of the piece.

On the whole, the series thus far is entertaining enough, with the occasional spark of witty dialogue or brief flurry of action to liven up the journey. If you’re thrilled by the idea of dream walkers, though, nothing compares to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dream Hunters, who are part of her Dark-Hunter universe. She sets the bar pretty high there, but be warned: once you set foot in her world, you might never want to return.

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.