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Sharp Love

TITLE: Sharp Love (Gambling on Love, #2)

AUTHOR: Ava March

PUBLISHER: Carina Press

YEAR: June 2014

LENGTH: 199 pages

GENRE: M/M Historical Romance

HEAT LEVEL: Adults Only, Erotic Content

RATING: 5 out of 5

REVIEW: This is not my first book by Ava March, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read by her so far, but Sharp Love is without doubt her best work to date. On the surface, it would seem that the main conflict of the story could be cleared up with one honest conversation – a definite no-no in romantic literature. Somehow, Ms. March works her magic so that it is not only acceptable, but only right that the main characters are so reticent with their emotions. In fact, it would have been downright unbelievable for either of these two men to let down a lifetime’s habitual guard and open themselves not only to ridicule and rejection, but to the distinct possibility of loss of position and income in a time when such things were all that stood between a man and starvation.

Morgan is, of course, the towering driver/bodyguard from the first book, All In With the Duke. His love interest is childhood friend Will Drake. It’s clear from the first why these two men are drawn to each other, and impossible not to root for them to clear away the rubbish of old hurts and recent slights and allow themselves to enjoy the love they feel for one another.

Ms. March writes authoritatively about the period, and well she should, with over a dozen books set in the Regency era. Her characters never fall into the trap of coming across as women done up in trousers and a beard, as happens in some other M/M romances. They are realistic people who come across as perfect products of their time. The author is a gifted writer with excellent command of the tools of her trade.

In short, there should be nothing holding you back from delving into this new series, the third of which is due to be published later this year. I await it with bated breath.