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Lightning That Lingers

TITLE: Lightning That Lingers

AUTHOR: Sharon and Tom Curtis
PUBLISHER: Loveswept
YEAR: December 1983, reissue August 2011
LENGTH: 254 pages
GENRE: Contemporary M/F romance
HEAT LEVEL: 17+, some sex, not erotica
RATING: 5 out of 5

REVIEW: A new release of a classic contemporary romance written by the husband and wife writing team, Tom and Sharon Curtis. You’ll find their books published under the names of Laura London, for historicals, and Robin James, for contemporary romance, if you’re scrounging in used book stores. But now they’re available as e-books, so they can be carried with you everywhere, reissued under the authors’ real names. And that’s a wonderful thing, because everything written by this couple is golden. Their work shines among the romantic literature of the 1980’s, just sexy enough that you should keep it out of the reach of your adolescent daughter, but not explicit enough to scar her if she should stumble upon it by accident (ie, pilfer your romance collection while you’re not looking, as my children have shamelessly done).

Lightning That Lingers is my personal favorite among their contemporary romances, winning out by a slim margin over The Golden Touch (a title which I have always felt was an excellent description of the writers’ talent). It’s the story of a meek librarian who gets dragged to a male strip show by her enthusiastic coworkers, only to come face-to-um-groin with the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. As she struggles to keep breathing – “Pump, heart, pump.” – he is utterly charmed by her. And the chase is on, with witty dialogue, heart-warming hijinks, and a simmering mutual attraction that builds to the thoroughly satisfying consummation. But that’s not the end of the story. Why is Philip trapped in a profession he despises? How can their very different lifestyles be reshaped to accommodate both of them? How can Jennifer save his soul?

I will not do this treasure the disservice of revealing any more details. For a very reasonable price, you can read it for yourself – and you should. Whether or not you were ever a fan of the Loveswept line of contemporary romance, or of category romance in general, read this lovely story. Philip and Jennifer have maintained a place in my heart for three decades, and when I read this gem again, it was as fabulous as I remembered. I laughed, I wept, I yearned, I sighed. I fell in love all over again. If you enjoy a good love story, you’ll fall in love, too.