I love this badge. Mostly because it embodies everything I want my blog to be about – because love is NOT a subgenre. The phrase I’ve been using is, “Love without limits.”

I know that means different things to different people, but I take it quite literally. There should be no limits to love. There should be no limits imposed upon who we are ALLOWED to love. I put that in caps because I find it profoundly offensive that anyone can take it upon themselves to judge or limit or apply RIGHTS to the concept of love.

I have friends and family who identify all over the spectrum, and it kills a piece of my soul that they can be denied the right to be legally married to the person – or people – they love.

That’s three paragraphs beginning with the word, “I.” My freshman Comp teacher taught me that using a word to begin a sentence or paragraph three times in a row should only be done to make a point. She also told me I’d write the Great American Novel, and she was clearly wrong about that, but I think her advice on style is pretty accurate. This blog entry is about what I believe. And I’m not alone, because a terrific group of authors, with some of whom I am privileged to have a sort of stalkery friendship (you know who you are, Julio & Aleks) have put an enormous amount of effort into making sure our voices are heard this month.

My following is tiny. Really, really small. But I hope that the few folks who do follow my blog will look into this Queer Romance Month idea.

I’m just getting started in the world of blogging. I’m dragging myself out of the shadowy realm of unpublished writing contests and simply talking about writing, and gathering the courage to put my words out there for people to laugh at or (far more likely) ignore. I promised my family and myself that I’d put at least one short story up on my blog and tell people where it is so they can read it. I promised I’d do that this year. Since one of the stories I’m writing is M/M, and another is a bisexual menage, maybe Queer Romance Month is just the kick in the pants I need to really do it.

Exactly how brave am I?